julie is an MP3 and OGG jukebox written in Python and C for UNIX systems. julie is a client/server system with the music daemon and the user interfaces communicating through UNIX domain pipes. This allows the UI to run on a different computer to the daemon, and also allows multiple user interfaces to run at the same time.

julie was originally written as an MP3 player for parties. It was often the case that people wanted to add their own songs to the playlist and it took time to get to the machine to press skip when a bad track came on.

julie was started with a number of simple design goals:

  1. Simplicity: julie should be easy to use when you're drunk.
  2. Glue Code: most of the tools are out there (MP3 players etc); we just want them to work together.
  3. Flexibility: we want to cater for networks and multiple users.
  4. Huge Music Collections: XMMS just doesn't cut it when you want to find a particular song in a 50GB collection.

This branch of julie is a continuation of the code at http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cgray/julie/ by Charles Gray.

julie is free software, licensed under the PARTYWARE LICENSE revision 37.

The latest version of the source code is kept in arch:

baz register-archive http://arch.spacepants.org/jaq@spacepants.org--2004

baz get jaq@spacepants.org--2004/julie--main--0
see here for details.

Send any patches or suggestions to Jamie Wilkinson